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Project Manager


Pharmacy Manager


NY, Nyack , NY


About Matexcel
Matexcel is a leading service provider in materials science. We offer a full range of materials covering polymers, metals, ceramics, and natural materials, in addition to professional material manufacturing and characterization services.
Key responsibilities:
• Work across functions with different departments within the company to ensure each project is well planned for successful execution.
• Implement completion of projects from project initialization, capital request, scheduling, conceptual design, basic design, detailed design, execution to final testing.
• Lead and deliver projects on time, meeting the requirement, and within budget.
• Communicate with management of internal & external partners, including from R&D, Supply, and Product Development departments.
• Prepare and write scientific papers and case studies.
• Demonstrate projects‘ purpose, process, and results as requested.
• Offer advice and consultation on related research topics and meet customers’ requirements.
• Ph.D. in Materials Science, Biomaterials, or related areas;
• Ability to complete complicated tasks independently;
• Ability to quickly learn and be flexible;
• Positive attitude, outgoing personality, hardworking, and open-minded;
• Skilled in writing, editing, and reviewing business documents.
New York, USA

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NY, Nyack, NY

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